Dr. Robert Mawire

USA // Fort Worth, Texas



Dr. Robert is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of driving positive change on a global scale. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of WRNO Worldwide, the pioneering shortwave radio station that has connected 1.5 billion households worldwide, he has been at the forefront of international communication for decades.

During the Cold War, Dr. Robert played a pivotal role in establishing WRNO Worldwide as the first commercial shortwave radio station in America, showcasing his commitment to bridging gaps and fostering understanding across borders.
In collaboration with the late Mayor Ron Nachman, he spearheaded the technological transformation of Ariel, Israel, into a leading Smart City, revolutionizing urban living and setting new standards for efficiency and accessibility in city services. Through his partnership with Mr. Amiram Shore of Exceptional New Technologies, he has championed innovative solutions that break down information barriers and empower communities.
With over 30 years of experience in humanitarian work, Dr. Robert founded an NGO dedicated to uplifting underserved communities in over 35 countries across Africa. His deep understanding of the third world and his strategic approach to sustainable development have made a lasting impact on countless lives, earning him accolades from global leaders and organizations.
As the founder of the GERIZIM GROUP, Dr. Robert has leveraged his extensive network and technological expertise to bring cutting-edge solutions to emerging markets, focusing on renewable energy projects and initiatives that address critical challenges facing the African continent. His entrepreneurial vision, coupled with a passion for social impact, drives his mission to alleviate human suffering and promote economic growth through innovation.
A trusted advisor to political and corporate leaders, an executive coach for business owners, and a recipient of prestigious awards such as the commendation from President Ronald Reagan and the Life Long Achievement Award from the Knesset and the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Robert continues to be a driving force for positive change and sustainable development on a global scale.